Tallan is one of 30 U.S. Microsoft National Solutions Provider, with expertise across the Microsoft stack and a position at the forefront of product initiatives.

Tallan also has comprehensive experience with the Java ecosystem.

Microsoft .NET

Tallan is committed to using Microsoft .NET technologies in software development. With experts well versed in C# and VB.NET, Tallan is familiar with key .NET technologies including ASP.NET MVC, WCF, WPF, Silverlight and the .NET enterprise framework.

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SQL Server

Tallan is a longtime contributor to the Microsoft SQL Server community. Having served on Microsoft's Partner Advisory Committee (PAC) for BI and actively participated in SQL PASS conferences, our consultants are recognized by Microsoft with credentials including Microsoft Virtual Technical Specialist (VTS), MVP, and BI Maestro.

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BizTalk Server

Our expertise in BizTalk started with the earliest versions of the server and has grown from our decades of experience with middleware technologies including IBM's MQSeries and Microsoft's MSMQ. Tallan has built some of the most complex BizTalk solutions and has helped customers realize the tremendous benefits of SOA, the Enterprise Service Bus, Web Service Orchestration and B2B Enterprise Application Integration. With particular expertise in BizTalk integration patterns and messaging protocols including EDI, SWIFT, and HL7, our deep capabilities can solve even the most complex integration challenges.

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SharePoint Server

SharePoint is a complex platform capable of delivering collaboration and portal solutions. Our expertise is in delivering world-class customer business solutions that leverage the power of SharePoint. From FAST search solutions to custom user interfaces and interoperable .NET applications, Tallan delivers much more than out-of-the-box document management and team sites.

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Microsoft Azure

Tallan has been an early adopter and remains enthusiastically committed to Microsoft's powerful cloud platform including Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Azure SQL Database, and Microsoft Azure Service Bus. Whether working with SAAS companies to develop their offering with Azure technology or helping companies port their existing solutions to Azure, Tallan's real-world Azure experience helps companies realize the benefits of cloud computing.

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Office 365

Tallan's interest in Office 365 is in helping customers manage the migration and interoperability of their on-premises and cloud-based SharePoint solutions. SharePoint in the cloud is a powerful proposition—but also a challenging migration and interoperability story. While the platform does not yet offer parity in features from the on-premises version of SharePoint to the cloud-hosted version, Tallan can help you bridge the gaps and leverage the cloud solution to the greatest extent possible.

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Windows 8 Mobility

Windows 8 presents opportunities and challenges for customers seeking to migrate their applications to the platform. Beyond our expertise with developing applications based on the Windows 8 style user interface, Tallan can help customers manage the challenges of operating in a tablet and desktop environment, securing corporate applications, extending capabilities of applications with cloud technology and applying the development best practices for Windows 8.

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Navigating the complexities of the heterogeneous Java ecosystem is something Tallan has excelled at since the earliest releases of the platform. Understanding the fragmented and complex landscape of libraries, open source technologies, design patterns and commercial server and development IDEs, Tallan can help you design robust and manageable Java solutions.

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Tallan has developed the experience and resources to integrate Znode's Multifront platform with a custom-developed ecommerce front-end. Having embraced Znode to deliver .NET ecommerce solutions after years of building custom solutions from scratch, our expertise is in extending and integrating this elegant, extensible framework into existing on-premises and cloud systems.

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